Monday, 8 August 2011

What shall we do???

Have you ever thought why can i not get a certain unit flag or flags from a Period that you have not seen anywhere else?

We are just a small team, well just me really and I sometimes find myself doing one new range of flags for the website and then start on another that has taken our interest that week. This means that I probably have plans for a range that someone wants but our focus get's taken away from.

Help us help you by telling us what you want. Tell us what flags you want to see on the site or think that others might want and we will alway stive to get them done. It might also make me focus them.


Flags of War


  1. How about American and Canadian flags from the War of 1812? Under-represented and the anniversary is rapidly approaching.


  2. Yes Matt i agree these need to be done. I have the designs for it but have tried to get a list a list of what Regiments got assigned what colours. It seems their was a few different regimental colours but find out what regiment had what has been hard for me to find.