Sunday, 13 November 2011

New 28mm American Civil War Union Army Flags

Some new 28mm American Civil War Union Army Flags. If you see any units that we do have but you would like added, just drop us a mail.

ACU014 1st Maine Heavy Artillery
ACU015 1st Michigan Infantry Regiment
ACU016 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment (Iron Brigade)
ACU017 6th Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment (Iron Brigade)
ACU018 7th Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment (Iron Brigade)
ACU019 14th New York State Militia (Brooklyn Chasseurs) Zouaves
ACU020 19th Indiana (Iron Brigade)
ACU021 24th Michigan Infantry Regiment (Iron Brigade)
ACU022 36th Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment
ACU023 42nd Pennsylvania (Bucktails) Vol - 13th Reserve
ACU024 61st Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment
ACU025 72nd Pennsylvania Vols ( Baxter's Fire Zouaves )
ACU026 76th Pennsylvania Volunteers (Keystone Zouaves)
ACU027 83rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment
ACU028 114th Pennsylvania Vols ( Collis Zouaves )

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