Monday, 6 August 2012

Price Increase and new some new flags

We have a couple of updates on the website.

In recent months we have been working hard to improve our product for you. Our improved product will increase as of today to £2 per flag sheet.

We are still offering some of the best prices available for wargames flags and an excellent quality product.

We would also like to introduce you to 'Make your own English Civil War flags'. There is much that is unknown within the sources, so now you can make up your own.

Simple steps to make your own flags.
1/First pick the device that you want on your flags.
2/Decide how many devices you want on the flags.
3/Pick the main colour of the flag from the selection we have.
4/Pick the secondary colours that you want your devices to be.
5/Add to cart.

The "Make your own" flags cost £2.25 and can be found Here

We have also re-worked our whole ECW Range and have added a range of new flags with more to come very soon.

After positive feedback from customers we have increased the size of the flags as we felt that despite being the correct size for a 28mm scale at 30mm square we have increased it to 34mm square as it gives a better visual impact on the table and will mix better with other ranges.

If you still wish to purchase the smaller scale please drop us an email and we can sort it out.

Please come visit us and check out some of the new ECW Flags on

Thank you for your custom.

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  1. I like the idea of making your own flag! What a great idea!!