Monday, 3 June 2013

28mm British Napoleonic Knapsack Transfers

I have done a little update on the old Transfers and included a few new ones.

You get 60 transfers on a sheet which should be more than enough for any Regiment. We have some Special sets for some Regiments and also the customisable range that you can select the Regiment Numbers.

Get them HERE


  1. Pretty!

    Do you think you'd extend your waterslide decals into other periods? Given the increased trend of not sculpting chevrons on the sleeves of NCOs and the difficulty in properly painting them to scale, there might be a big market for them for US figures or skirmish games in general.

  2. Hi Iain,

    absolutely stunning work. Although I'm actually waiting for further AWI flags I'll keep these transfers in mind. I'll need them sooner or later... ;-)