Tuesday 13 March 2012

28mm Monmouth Rebellion Flags

New to the Flags of War range are Flags for the Monmouth Rebllion. Some of the flags are from the current Williamite Range and some have been tweaked to suit for King James II Army who put down the Rebellion in 1685. The flags are for the Foot Regiments at the Battle of Sedgemoor and I hope to have the some Cavalry Regiments soon as well.

King James II Flags are based on the details of what is known for this period and the Flags for Monmouth are Conjectural for the period as nothing is known about them. Along with the foot i have made a few Militia Flags that can be used for the Period.

Please note these are currently slightly larger than our ECW Range just in case anyone was thinking about mixing them together.


  1. Flags for Monmouth look great (as do Scottish Medieval ones.)I'll be using some of them in the near future.
    Role on the cavalry flags as I have cavalry painted and in need of them!
    Perhaps if I photoed my Monmouth stuff (foot/ cavalry/ King's/ rebels) with your flags on you could use the photos for publicity! Just a thought.

  2. Sounds great to me mate. Drop me a wee email on ;)

  3. great looking flags...

  4. Are you receiving me? I've sent 2 emails - one was sent back and the other I've not heard anything yet (this was on your website.)
    Speak soon.