Monday, 26 March 2012

New Waterslide Transfers

I have been looking at doing the transfers for sometime now and as the guys at Claymore Castings asked me to make them some for their figures how could i say no. 

The first decals we have released are for the Fantastic Otterburn 1388 Range by Claymore Castings. They feature 12 of Scottish Knights that fought at Otterburn and claimed Victory for the Scots. Plans are already in place to get the flags and decals for the English Knights and more for other periods as well. 

 OTT01Scottish Knights Shields at Otterburn 1388
Top(L-R) Earl of Douglas and Mar,Earl of Moray,Earl of March,Sir Malcolm Drummond
Middle(L-R) Lord of Eaglesham,Sir John Swinton,Sir Thomas Erskine of Alloa,Sir John Edmonstone
Bottom(L-R) Sir John Lindsay of Dunord,Sir David Graham of Montrose,Sir John Haliburton,Sir Robert Colville

Here is one the gorgeous figures painted by David Imrie with the decal for Sir John Swinton.


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