Tuesday, 22 May 2012

28mm British Napoleonic Knapsack/Canteen Regt Numbers

I was recently asked by a customer to make these for his 95th Rifle Regt. I then made a few more and sold a fair number of them at Carronade. Due to this i have put them on the new website and you can select which numbers you want on them. At the moment it's just plain numbers but i hope to get a few more of the more specific Regt Identification Knapsack designs soon. If you need any Regiment that i have not got showing yet please drop me an email on the website.

Click Here


  1. These will finish the figures off nicely and give them that extra little detail that I wouldn't normally bother painting. Top class.
    I will sort out what else I need from you and put an order in.
    Excellent new website BTW.