Monday, 25 July 2011

28MM Spanish Civil War Republican Forces

SCWR001 Tom Mann Centuria/British Battalion/British Battalion 2
SCWR002 Naftali Botwin Company/Mickiewicz Battalion/International Brigades
SCWR003 Basque/Eusko Indarra Battalion/Eusko Indarra Battalion 2
SCWR004 Batalló George Dimitroff/Commune de Paris/BATTLLON GARIBALDI
SCWR005 Tom Mooney Company/Abaham Lincoln Brigade/Hungary International Brigade
SCWR006 FAI-CNT FLAG/COLUMMA DURRUTI/German Anarchists “Rotfront”
SCWR007 Catalonia/Catalan Republic/Popular Front
SCWR009 Spanish Republic/Republican Civilian/44 Division Spanish Popular Army

Monday, 18 July 2011

New 28mm Prussian Napoleonic Flags

To start off out Prussian range of Napoleonics we have add the Post 1806 Line Infantry Regiments. Watch this space with more to come in the next few weeks.

PRU001 1st East Prussian
PRU002 1st Pommeranian
PRU003 2nd East Prussian
PRU004 3rd East Prussian
PRU005 4th East Prussian
PRU006 1st West Prussian
PRU007 2nd West Prussian
PRU008 Leib Regt(1st Brandenburg 1813)
PRU009 Colberg Regt(2nd Pommeranian 1813)
PRU010 1st Silesian
PRU011 2nd Silesian

Friday, 1 July 2011

New 28mm British Napoleonic

As per the last post regarding the Salamanca Game here are the new additions to the website.

BNW17 (Coldstream) Foot Guards Regiment Colonel-Lieutenant Colonel-Major
BNW18 (Coldstream) Foot Guards Regiment 1st,2nd,3rd Company
BNW19 (Coldstream) Foot Guards Regiment 4t,5th,6th Company
BNW20 1st Regiment of Foot Guards Colonel-Lieutenant Colonel-Major
BNW21 1st Regiment of Foot Guards 1st-2nd-3rd Company
BNW22 (Scots) 3rd Foot Guards Regiment Colonel-Lieutenant Colonel-Major
BNW23 (Scots) 3rd Foot Guards Regiment 1st,2nd,3rd Company
BNW24 1st (Royal Scots) Foot Regiment (Peninsula)
BNW25 5th Regiment of Foot (Northumberland)
BNW26 7th Regiment of Foot (Fusiliers)
BNW27 9th Regiment of Foot (East Norfolk)
BNW28 11th Regiment of Foot (North Devon)
BNW29 27th Regiment of Foot (Inniskilling)
BNW30 30th Regiment of Foot (1st Cambridgeshire)
BNW31 32nd Regiment of Foot (Cornwall)
BNW32 33rd (1st West Riding) Foot Regiment
BNW33 36th Regiment of Foot (Herefordshire)
BNW34 38th Regiment of Foot (1st Staffordshire)
BNW35 40th Regiment of Foot (2nd Somersetshire)
BNW36 43rd Regiment of Foot (Monmouthshire, Light Infantry)
BNW37 44th Regiment of Foot (East Essex)
BNW38 45th Regiment of Foot (Nottinghamshire)
BNW39 48th Regiment of Foot (Northamptonshire)
BNW40 52nd (Oxfordshire) Light Infantry
BNW41 53rd Regiment of Foot (Shropshire)
BNW42 58th Regiment of Foot (Rutlandshire)
BNW43 61st Regiment of Foot (South Gloucestershire)
BNW44 74th Regiment of Foot (Highlanders)
BNW45 83rd Regiment of Foot
BNW46 88th Regiment of Foot (Connaught Rangers)
BNW47 Kings German Legion 1st Battalion
BNW48 Kings German Legion 2nd Battalion
BNW49 Kings German Legion 3rd Battalion
BNW50 Kings German Legion 4th Battalion
BNW51 Kings German Legion 5th Battalion       

Wartorn 2011 - Battle of Salamanca

I was recently contacted by the guys from Scarborough Wargames Club who were trying to attempt a World Record Game of the Battle of Salamanca. They asked if I could supply the flags for it which I duly obliged. Then I seen I only had a handful of the regiments so I had my work cut out for me to get them done within a week.

Thankfully I got all the flags done in time for them but sadly they were not able to break the record. Better luck next year and we hope you have more support.

All the best.

Some pictures from the event.
More Pictures here. 
Scarborough Wargames Club Forum 

Wargames Illustrated Review

I was recently contact by Wargames Illustrated who wanted to feature our Thirty Years War flags in the June 2011 Issue. This month they have done a review on the website for us which we thank them for.

Link to Flags of War Review