Tuesday, 29 May 2012

95th Rifles Transfers

Some pics of the Transfers in action.

New 28mm Knapsack Transfers AWI/War of 1812

New Flags of War Knapsack and Canteen transfers for British American War of Independence and US Infantry War of 1812.

The British American War of Independence transfer come in 4 variations . 2 King George Cyphers and 2 Regiment Number. The Regiment number transfers give you the option of selecting from the British Regiments serving in War and also give you the choice between Roman and Arabic numbers.

Here is some images of the Transfers on some Foundry AWI Figures.

 We can also bring you our most requested set of Transfers since we launched the new site. They are the simple US design for the US Infantry Knapsacks and Canteens during the War of 1812. We are working on a number of things to increase our War of 1812 range and will start to offer people flags and transfers that no other can at the moment.


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

28mm British Napoleonic Knapsack/Canteen Regt Numbers

I was recently asked by a customer to make these for his 95th Rifle Regt. I then made a few more and sold a fair number of them at Carronade. Due to this i have put them on the new website and you can select which numbers you want on them. At the moment it's just plain numbers but i hope to get a few more of the more specific Regt Identification Knapsack designs soon. If you need any Regiment that i have not got showing yet please drop me an email on the website.

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New Flags of War Website

Hi Guys

Just to let you know that i have been very busy at FoW HQ building a new website. The old one was giving me a number issues and i felt it would be best to start with something new that would benefit myself in the running of it and you the customers as well.

With the launch of the new site i hope to have a few competions up this week with some freebies for new orders so watch this space. I still have a few changes that i want to make but this shouldn't cause anyone any issues. If you do encounter any problems just drop me a mail at



Saturday, 19 May 2012

French Indian War Project Part1

Started off by basing my FIW figures from Galloping Major for my FIW project. While the plaster set on them i thought i might as well build a few thing to go with them.

My interest in the French and Indian war started when i seen The Last of the Mohicans. So naturally i wanted a a waterfall. Not sure how im full going to go about the water fall as of yet but ill come up with something. The idea is that they can move through the waterfall or if i can come up with a fall that is sturdy i will make it so the top comes off.

Made a rocks and few logs that can be used as barricades. I had some spare wood which i have used as the base for the waterfall and i have also make a few other sections of river that will be the same thickness. I wanted a really wide river that my whale boats can fit on.

You will also see some of the figures that i have which i will put a base coat on tomorrow and then i i have promised my daughter that she can help me papier mache the rocks to make them solid. I will need to get a picture of all the other figures that i have along with the whale boats and canoes.

I will keep updating this with my progress then maybe one day a game. I have loads of ideas of what im going to do and working with a few others to put these on the table so watch this space.

If anyone has any tips on the waterfall idea then let me know as i would love to hear them :D



Carronade 2012

Maybe a little late with these but that's the joys of being a busy man. It was good to have a stall at the show and a pleasure to do it with David and Andrew from Claymore Castings. Lots of interest in my flags and transfers and the biggest benefit for me was letting gamers see my them.

Here's to a few more shows in the future.

Flags of War/Claymore Castings Stall

ECW Game

WW2 Game

Very British Civil War Tank Battle

Gettysburg Game

War of 1812 Game in 54mm

Pirate game