Sunday, 23 June 2013

28mm English Renaissance flags

Here are some new English Renaissance flags added to our range. We had plans to do these with The Assault Group on their English Renaissance kick starter as a stretch goal. We have released them just now and look forward to the gorgeous English figures from TAG.

Monday, 3 June 2013

28mm British Napoleonic Knapsack Transfers

I have done a little update on the old Transfers and included a few new ones.

You get 60 transfers on a sheet which should be more than enough for any Regiment. We have some Special sets for some Regiments and also the customisable range that you can select the Regiment Numbers.

Get them HERE

More Scottish Knights at Otterburn Shields

Some new Transfer set for Scottish Knights at Otterburn to go with the Claymore Castings range.

Get them HERE

28mm ACW U.S Cavalry Guidons

Only two simple sets to start with more planned in the future. We will also been doing some for them Southern Boys.

The Guidons are customisable to what ever you desire. You can select what you want to be on the Top and Bottom sections. 

View the HERE

New Official Conquest Games Transfers

We are pleased to announce that we have released two sets of transfers for the Conquest game Norman boxsets.

Conquest asked if i could make them some transfers for their boxsets that they could as on their site and at shows as well. Conquest released them at Salute and im now putting them on the Flags of War site.

If you haven't checked them out you can see the fantastic boxsets along with others ranges HERE.

Each sheets comes with enough transfers for each of the boxsets and a sheets of paper flags. Each set also comes with instructions on how to apply them.

You can purchase the transfers on our site HERE

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Death of Douglas winner

My little girl picked the winner tonight for the Death of Douglas vignette painted by David Imrie tonight. The winner was Philip Hatton and the piece will going to him this week. Im gutted to be letting it go as i love it.