Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Empress Zulu Movie Characters

Painted out of love for the movie. Again i will be putting these on ebay later.

Virginia Militia

Virginia Militia that i painted up. Just wanted to see them done with some the flags on them. I will be putting them up on ebay. I will post a link on here once i have added them.

Glasgow Boys Brigade Very British Civil War

This is the start of my second unit for VBCW. So far it's just the command i have done but have made a start on the others. Along with some Glasgow Covenanters so watch this space.

Some history behind me do this Unit.

Glasgow Transport Workers Very British Civil War

Finished of my first Very British Civil War Unit. I have attached some history as to why i have these guys at the bottom.

Some history behind why i wanted to do these units.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

28mm Front Rank Wurttemburgers by Bandolier

Bandolier on The Miniatures Page contacted me sometime ago and asked if we had plans to make any of the Wurttemburg flags as he wanted to paint up a unit using the new  Front Rank figures. I did have them on my list but seen as i was asked and i felt they were great looking flags i moved them up the list for him.

I have to say his painting is great and i love the look of them with my flags. Cheers for the pictures Mick.

TMP Link

More pics