Sunday 22 April 2018

Kickstarter: 28mm 1745 Jacobite Rebellion Miniatures is looking to raise money via Kickstarter to launch our new 28mm Jacobite Rebellion miniatures range. Most folk will have heard of the Rebellion wither it be the more romantic stories or the factual one’s it is a fascinating period.

What’s on offer?
This will be the first phase with the aim first 8 packs depicting the famous “Highland Charge”. This will include 5 packs of charging Highlanders and 3 packs of charging Lowlanders with 4 miniatures in each pack.

All backers will receive a FREE mounted miniature of Prince Charles Edward Stuart. The Bonnie Prince was the overall Commander of the Jacobite army and was tasked by his father The Old Pretender James Stuart, to claim back his throne from King George II.

We have a number of stretch goals that will see some free figures given to the backers as well unlocking some new Units including the dapper Royal Ecossais Regiment.

Future Plans
The future plans for the range will include us releasing Government Line, Highland Militia, Artillery and Cavalry for both sides.

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